SolarOasis® LED lights offer many advantages

Strong seedling growth

Less Energy Use – Conventional grow lights consume between 100 watts and 1,000 watts of electricity to operate, while SolarOasis grow lights use less electricity than a small reading light.

Longer Bulb Life – SolarOasis products, have an expected life of up to 595 weeks of continuous 24/7 operation, 15-50 times longer than the typical operating life of glass bulb grow lights.

No Ballast – SolarOasis lighting products do not use a ballast, eliminating this additional recurring cost from your growing system.

No Reflector – Unlike traditional glass grow lights, the reflector is an integral part of each LED, and directs all of the light at your plants.

Less Heat – SolarOasis lights operate with minimal wasted heat energy, and in fact are only slightly warm to the touch.

Targeted Light Output – Nearly 100% of the light output from SolarOasis grow lights is absorbed by your plants, making them more efficient than traditional glass bulb grow lights.

Safe Low Voltage at the Light – SolarOasis lights use safe low voltage DC power at the light, similar to battery operated devices you currently own, which is safer in wet growing environments.

Light Weight – SolarOasis grow lights have no bulky reflector or heavy ballast, and weigh only a few ounces making them easy to handle and mount.

Friendly To Your Plants, Your Home, and the Environment – SolarOasis lights contain no mercury and are easy to recycle at the end of their life.

Cuttings Root More Easily – No need to trim the leaves of plant cuttings under SolarOasis lights, speeding new root growth.

Less Watering & Nutrients &ndash With SolarOasis lights, your plants will transpire less, letting you extend the time between watering cycles.

Enjoy Delicate Blooms Longer – Miniature roses grown with SolarOasis grow lights typically have blooms that are picture perfect and unblemished, with some varieties having flowers that lasted for months without change.

SolarOasis Technology Creates Light For Plants And People

The SolarOasis Difference – The researchers at SolarOasis have designed grow lights from the ground up, optimized for plant growth, not human vision. Using light emitting diodes, or LEDs, they selected the colors of light (wavelengths) plants use most efficiently for vigorous growth and health. The result is a plant grow light that uses very little energy yet provides all the light your plants need to thrive indoors. SolarOasis engineers used their specialized knowledge of LEDs to make sure each light operates optimally, providing maximum plant light output, maximum bulb life, and optimal energy efficiency.

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