Featuring the grow light that started it all, the original LED grow light, the SolarOasis Pro550 has been continually improved for over 12 years. Our expanded product line enjoys this same commitment to quality, making SolarOasis products the premier choice for university researchers, government agencies, commercial growers, and individuals around the world.

SolarOasis has products for all your business, research, education, and home lighting needs.

SolarOasis Grow Lighting Products

Whether it's the standard Pro550, the Pro660x2 with twice the output but no more energy use, or the SSHPS solid-state HPS replacement, we have your grow lighting.

SolarOasis Composite White Lighting Products

The full spectrum, composite white light AccuStar is perfect for general home or office lighting. For high-celinged warehouses, the AccuSun fills the space with white light.

SolarOasis Aquarium Lighting Products

Designed for wet environments and safe for you and your marine life, the Aqua-Bar series satisfies the lighting needs of any aquarium.

SolarOasis Research Monoclusters

Satisfying the needs of researchers around the world, Monoclusters simplify light design for experiments. Custom wavelength blends are also available upon request.

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