SolarOasis technologies encourage a freedom of design not possible with conventional lighting. Here we show some of the ways SolarOasis technologies are incorporated as key elements in leading interior and architectural designs.

We also note other new ways in which SolarOasis technology is being showcased.

Celebrity chef Kerry Simon's flagship Simon Restaurant and Lounge at the Palms Place condominium hotel, Las Vegas, features fresh herbs raised under SolarOasis grow lighting.
Click here to visit Simon Restaurant and Lounge.

Simon Restaurant's signature live herb wall was prominently featured during a matchmaking date on Bravo TV's Millionaire Matchmaker show. First shown on March 2, 2010, the season 3, episode 6 show includes millionaire Jimmy D dining with his date beside the Simon Restaurant's herb wall. Pictures from the episode can be seen here (see image 24). The full episode can also be viewed here.

Glass enlosed herb wall at Simon Restaurant and Lounge in the Palms Place condominium hotel, Las Vegas

A glass enclosed wall of potted herbs maintained by SolarOasis grow lighting is a central feature in Kerry Simon's new flagship restaurant designed by architect David Rockwell. Having fresh herbs available to the restaurant kitchen is part of Simon's theme of ‘sustainability’. The same idea carries over to the rest of the restaurant, from its bamboo flooring to the menu, which offers sustainable foods such as fish which haven't been overfished.

Simon's menu also features his famous Iron Chef burger, named after the dish which helped him defeat Iron Chef Cat Cora in 2005.

The 6,000-square-foot restaurant on the sixth floor of the Palms Place is the result of a business partnership between Kerry Simon and casino developer George Maloof, who oversees development and operations at the Palms Place and other Maloof family hotels throughout the Southwest and California. As the leading force behind the building and operation of the neighboring Palms Casino, George Maloof has created one of the most sought-after destinations in Las Vegas.

The newly released Seventh Edition of Practical Horticulture by Laura Williams Rice and Robert P. Rice, Jr. includes a section on LED grow lighting provided by LED Grow Master Global which highlights SolarOasis technology.

Practical Horticulture page highlighting SolarOasis technology

Cover of Practical Horticulture, seventh edition

The Seventh Edition of Practical Horticulture by respected authors Laura Williams Rice and Robert P. Rice, Jr. was released in early 2010 for use in high school and college curricula nationwide. This edition has been expanded to include a section on modern LED grow lighting, based on information provided by LED Grow Master Global, featuring SolarOasis technology. The section includes a photograph of of a SolarOasis ProGrow540 light bar array. Practical Horticulture, Seventh Edition, is available to the public through

Practical Horticulture, 7th edition
Laura Williams Rice and Robert P. Rice, Jr.
Published by Pearson AG
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-503866-6
ISBN-10: 0-13-503866-9

Book images are used with the permission of the authors and publisher.

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