The technology used in SolarOasis products is unique and innovative, developed by the engineers and researchers at SolarOasis.

SolarOasis products are green

Environmentally safe technology - Featuring low operating voltage and low operating temperature, SolarOasis technology is safe for both people and the environment.

RoHS compliant - The European Union's RoHS directive, defined as "the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment," helps ensure electronic equipment won't harm the environment. All SolarOasis products are 100% RoHS compliant, based on certificates of compliance as provided by our component vendors.

SolarOasis and commercial growers

Commercial growing solutions - SolarOasis technology brings new options to commercial greenhouse operations, whether large or small. Environmentally sound supplemental lighting with low operating costs brings a quick return on investment.

Unique solar and wind options - The only solar & wind ready supplemental grow lighting, SolarOasis technology allows commercial growers to enjoy the benefits of supplemental grow lighting while remaining completely off the power grid. This allows expansion of growing operations regardless of local power use restrictions. In many regions and countries solar/wind power conversions are government supplemented.

SolarOasis and researchers

Commercial Research - From biodiesel to photobioreactors, commercial researchers look to SolarOasis technology to help overcome their technological hurdles.

Academic Research - Working to bring new technology to commerce, university researchers rely on SolarOasis technology in many forms of basic research. From simple plant growing to research in plant genetics, SolarOasis grow lighting is an invaluable research tool. Many universities are also bringing our unique technology into their undergraduate labs, allowing the next generation of researchers to work with the best tools available.

SolarOasis in schools

Safe in classrooms - Safer than glass envelope grow lights and with no toxic mercury, heat or power danger, SolarOasis grow lighting is used in elementary, middle and high school classrooms for a variety of plant growing experiments. LED grow lighting is also a popular science fair project.

Teaches environmental responsibility - School children begin learning the basics of environmental responsibility while using environmentally friendly SolarOasis grow light technology in the classroom. Energy conservation and the avoidance of environmentally toxic chemicals are cornerstones of our technology.

SolarOasis at home

Safe in the home - SolarOasis grow lighting is the first choice for home plant growing. Whether growing prize winning orchids, miniature roses, or giving seedlings a jump on spring, grow lighting is a perfect complement to the home. No other technology offers as much to the home gardener.

Winterize your valuable potted plants - SolarOasis is the perfect complement to your winter greenhouse, extending the daylength for your special plants. Now you can start your tomatoes and peppers as early as you like in your home or greenhouse, for later transplanting when outdoor temperatures rise.

Light for more than house plants - For the aquaculturist, SolarOasis Aqua-Bar technology greatly expands options for freshwater and reef tanks. Low operating temperature and targeted light output support both freshwater plant growth and the growth and health of anemones, corals and more in the reef tank.

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