The Windspire wind power generator from Windspire Energy provides a low-cost, efficient way to power the SolarOasis supplemental grow lighting in your greenhouse.

The idea of running greenhouse supplemental lighting off-grid is attractive to commercial greenhouse operations for two reasons:  lowering power expenses, and avoiding local power company usage restrictions. Unfortunately the cost of alternative power solutions, whether wind generators or solar panels, has been prohibitive. Windspire Energy, in Reno, Nevada, is changing that.

Windspire generator

Revolutionary design - The Windspire's patented technology delivers 1200 watts of power in a small, sleek package that operates efficiently in any area with average annual windspeeds of 11 mph. With just a 2 foot radius and 30 foot height, the Windspire is below typical residential and urban zoning restrictions. The propeller-free design is both safe and quiet.

Affordable - Windspire Energy offers the Windspire starting at $6500 through their dealer network. A 30% federal tax credit (available in the USA) reduces the cost even more. The Windspire comes complete with a high efficiency generator, integrated inverter, hinged monopole, and wireless performance monitor. A professional installer can complete installation in a matter of hours.

An ideal solution for powering SolarOasis grow lighting - SolarOasis LED grow lighting is a perfect companion for the Windspire. Instead of merely reducing the cost of operating commercial grow lighting, adding the Windspire Energy Windspire generator can completely free a greenhouse's grow lighting component from the power grid.

Leveraging technologies for maximum returns - The low power requirements of SolarOasis grow lighting are an excellent match for alternative power sources like wind and solar power. Other types of supplemental grow lighting do not lend themselves to small-scale power generators such as the Windspire. Combining SolarOasis low-power LED grow lighting with the Windspire from Windspire Energy leverages two innovative technologies to their full potential.

For more information on this exciting new technology visit the Windspire Energy web site.

In preparation for the continued growth and success of the Windspire, Windspire Energy named Walt Borland as its new President and CEO. Mike Hess, the visionary co-founder who is responsible for Windspire Energy's innovative approach to small wind, will take the new role of Executive Advisor. To read the full press release click here.

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